Signature Safety Master Class

Elevate your understanding of personal safety and equip yourself with essential tools and knowledge to navigate any situation confidently.

In addition to mastering this personal safety tool, you’ll also learn invaluable concepts such as the OODA Loop and Situational Awareness Colors. Understanding the OODA Loop, will help you make rapid decisions in dynamic situations, while Situational Awareness Colors will enable you to assess and respond to potential threats effectively.


Enhancing Situational Awareness and Safety with OODA Loop Workshop

This workshop will teach you how to observe, orient, decide, and act fast. Learn to recognize threats, analyze situations, and make better decisions.  Ideal for all ages.                                                                     Register now, limited slots available.

Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar

Psychology of Criminal Predators
– Understand what makes a criminal a predator
– Ramifications and Outcomes
– Common Things Criminals Look For Target
Mental Preparedness
– Levels of Awareness
-Mental Conditioning                                                          -Developing Your Personal Safety Strategy

Cyber Security & Your Digital Footprint

Various technological advances and the massive amount of people on the internet, individuals are more vulnerable than ever.

You will learn:
What is your Digital Footprint
Best Practices to keep your information safe while shopping online
Tips on how to be safe on social media
​Scam trends
​Identity Theft Protection
​Social Media Monitoring
​Digital Defense Program

Cash Flow Management Strategy for Home & Business

The CashFlow Manager is an online cashflow management system that records, organizes, and stores all of your business and personal financial transactions. The system was developed to simplify tracking your income and tax-deductible business expenses so you can minimize your taxes and save time.

The Basics of Income Shifting

You will learn about the Financial Blue Print that teaches the strategies to

Eliminate Debt

Create Positive Income 

Create Investment Income

with strategies, systems, software, and support!

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Vendor Events, Expos, Tradeshows

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