About Us

Your Situational Awareness, Safety Instructor and Economic Empowerment Educator

My Story

I am a Certified Crime Prevention Instructor, teach Financial Literacy, and help you improve your health & well-being.
I had been through many traumatic events. Three combat tours, I am a survivor of sexual stalking, sexual assault, and domestic violence.
The rise of attacks on women seemed as though it was escalating daily to me especially in the city I was living in, and a horrible assault that led to the death of a young lady really hit home with me. If was on the other side of town that I live in and it propelled me to take action.
Not Without Defense, Empowered Safety was founded in the year of 2014.
2015 I became a Damsel In Defense Pro and an NRA, Refuse to Be a Victim, Certified Instructor.
I left Damsel In Defense and in 2018 I re-branded SASEE Not Without Defense.
2020 SASEE Not Without Defense became an LLC and added a custom product line.

My Mission

Mission Statement

To educate, empower, and equip women on; Situational Awareness, Personal Safety & Economic Empowerment. To encourage all women to #TakeYourPowerBACK!

Emotionally | Financially | Physcially | Spiritually

Our Vision

 Because of what I do women have the muscle memory to react to various situational awareness levels, crime prevention scenarios, and achieve true financial freedom with a financial blueprint to build their personal wealth goals.

Empowering all to #TakeYourPowerBACK Emotionally | Financially | Physically | Spiritually

Our Values

Integrity in all I do.  

Honesty – to teach what is right and ensure the safety of all

Trust – To show me to be trustworthy and to hold privileged information to myself.

Accountability – to be responsible and accurate in all my instruction

Fun – to be able to laugh and make the best out of all situations