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Situational Awareness Safety & Economic Empowerment

SASEE acronym stands for Situational Awareness, Safety & Economic Empowerment. The hashtag #TakeYourPowerBACK refers to Taking Your Power BACK, Emotionally | Financially | Physically | Spiritually

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Financial Literacy with a Personalized Blueprint
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Benefits to Relaxation & De-Stress with Essential Oils
Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar
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As a woman who has dealt with depression, PTSD, domestic violence, suicidal thoughts, and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), I have found great peace in my Spiritual Walk and with the calming therapeutic use of essential oils. 

I will teach you the research WHY essential oils work, where they come from, blends for relaxation,  calm you when you feel anxious, and the benefits for natural living use.